Shihan Sensei Louis D. Casamassa – Grandmaster / Founder

Shi-han Sensei Louis Casamassa, a 10th degree black belt is Grand Master of Red Dragon Karate and founder of the American Karate Kung Fu Federation (A.K.K.F.). He originated the American Form style. During the 60’s he traveled extensively throughout the Orient studying many different styles of martial arts. In keeping with yankee ingenuity and American tradition he took the best 7 major martial arts forms and combined them into one new powerful and effective style which is known as the Red Dragon style of martial arts.

Shihan Chris Casamassa – President / CEO

Chris is a 9th degree Black Belt who has been involved with Red Dragon for over 30 years. His father Louis D. Casamassa is the founder and creator of the Red Dragon style of martial arts. Chris is the President of the Red Dragon studios in Southern California. He trains and helps certify instructors for staff and management at all Red Dragon Karate locations. With his quick sense of humor and well honed Martial Art skills he weaves an exciting web of learning and motivating for all students.

Shi-Han Casamassa can be seen in the films Mortal Kombat (as Scorpion) Batman & Robin, Blade, and the new action adventure ” Sci-fighter”. A few of his top students include Sensei Roland Osborne from Red Dragon Covina, star of a hip new show on the Discovery channel ” Go Warrior” and 3 time World Champion Sensei Deanna Bivins from Red Dragon Claremont.

Shihan Mike Jablonski – Vice President / Chief Referee

Shihan Mike Jablonski is a 9th Degree Black Belt. He has been training with Grand Master Shihan Sensei Louis D. Casamassa since 1971. He was one of only two students to move with Shihan Sensei from Red Dragons original home in Pennsylvania in 1972 to California. Shi-Han Jablonski’s has been a personal student of Shihan Sensei’s for the past 35 years. Shi-Han Jablonski’s Red Dragon Studio located in Azusa, California is his home base now and he coaches the world famous “Team Terminator” the only martial arts demonstration team to receive a 5 eagle performance rating from the A.K.K.F.


Shihan Jablonski is a former Kickboxing champion and has appeared in various films and television shows. He is the chief referee for Red Dragon Karate. His efforts in training our judges for the tournaments has resulted in Red Dragon Karate maintaining the best “on time” ratio for any martial arts tournament in the country. Shi-Han Jablonski also helps certify our Red Dragon officials for tournaments. He is Red Dragon’s Vice President in charge of maintaining our high quality of martial arts.He actively teaches five days a week at his dojo and also assists the Grand Master in teaching our current Red Dragon Studio owners, at the weekly meeting in our corporate headquarters.

Shihan Jablonski has trained, taught, and coached dozens of world champions including Shihan Chris Casamassa, Sensei Deanna Bivins, Sensei John Su, and Sensei Jim Eppard. He is available for special seminars and private training. His dojo number is (626)335-0216.

Shi-Han Casamassa can be seen in the films Mortal Kombat (as Scorpion) Batman & Robin, Blade, and the new action adventure ” Sci-fighter”. A few of his top students include Sensei Roland Osborne from Red Dragon Covina, star of a hip new show on the Discovery channel ” Go Warrior” and 3 time World Champion Sensei Deanna Bivins from Red Dragon Claremont.

Shihan Tom Cosgrove – Vice President/ Finance and Operations

Shihan Tom Cosgrove began Martial Arts training in 1976. Black Belt Trainee under direct instruction of Shihan Sensei L. D. Casamassa. 8th Degree Black Belt- Promoted to Shihan on Dec 21st, 1994. Owner and Chief instructor of Rdk Upland since 1982. Official inst for L.D.C. Rapist Beware Featured in book Rapist Beware. Featured in Who’s Who of Karate Official instructor for World Black Belts A.I.D. America in Defense Program. Co author for America in defense training manual 911 1st Tournament Promoter for U.S.T.O. United Sports Tournament Organization in 1983. Numerous instructor of the year and Businessman of the year awards. Winner of numerous martial arts tournaments for 1982-92 . Trained and promoted with the fearsome 5some Shihans Rudy Amaya, Frank Halstead, Steve Harris, Dennis Ayon. Trainer of Amateur World Champion and Pro kickboxer Joe Davidson. Instructor of W.K.O.s World Karate Organization Champion Joe Class. In 1987 won Impax challenge with the most powerful punch.

Shihan Mohammad Jahn-Vash – Vice President/ Competitions & Seminars

Shihan Mohamad Jahan-Vash is a Seventh Degree Black Belt in Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate. He started his martial arts training in his native country of Iran at the age of 9. His real training didn’t start until he came to the United States, at the age of 16, when he began training in Red Dragon Karate under Shihan Louis D. Casamassa and he was promoted to first degree in 1980. Since 1985 Shi-Han JahanVash has been the owner of the Red Dragon Karate Studio in Diamond Bar. He is celebrating the studio’s 21st anniversary this year. He is the promoter of COMPETE International Martial Arts Championship, a NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) 5 “A” Rated tournament, the highest rating in that organization. It is one of the largest martial arts tournaments in the United States.

As a color belt Shihan Jahan-Vash competed in all categories Weapon, Kata, Sparring, Showmanship, Samurai & Breaking. In the Red Dragon Organization, he is one of the few competitors to have won 5 Grand Reserve Champion awards. In 1982 his competition career ended due to a major knee injury. His passion and energy for competition has now transferred to his students.

Shihan Jahan-Vash and his students travel all over the country to compete and in the past 17 years have participated in 35 to 46 competitions each year. His participation in martial arts competitions has earned him the positions as Board of Director of NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association), US Regional Director of A.K.K.F., the second highest position, President of TPA (Tournament Promoters Assoc.). He directs and coordinates over 75% of the major martial arts events in the US. He is responsible for many additional categories that are offered in tournaments today and he is responsible for unifying sport karate rules between the major organizations. In 1994 and 2002 he was the director of the California Police Olympics for martial arts. This competition is for all law enforcement and fire department personnel.

He takes great pride in his student’s achievements and considers himself fortunate to be able to accomplish all of this with the support of his beautiful wife Amanda and 3 amazing children, Ava, Shahin, & Alec.

Shihan Jahan-Vash considers his instructor Shihan Louis D. Casamassa, the most important influence in his career and martial arts endeavors. Shihan Mike Jablonski and Shihan Tom Cosgrove have also been influential in his martial arts career. Shihan Jahan-Vash is thankful for the opportunities that have been given to him and he believes that through hard work, perseverance and focusing on your goals, any person can achieve their dreams.